The Future of Athletes in Business

Elite athletes love to get better. Step by step, they work ever closer to their absolute potential. Constant feedback is essential for athletes to get better and better. They carry this drive for excellence into their careers beyond sport. We accompany athletes on this path. Part of our team are customized AI chatbots, which you, as an athlete, can use to access additional expertise for your business activities.

What we Do

Change The Game

We mentor elite athletes and offer them access to an ecosystem of executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. In our work we integrate AI chatbots that are specially designed for the needs of athletes.

We believe that athletes in particular can benefit from integrating AI chatbots into their business beyond sport. We are convinced of the potential of this new technology and therefore support athletes in becoming familiar with the technology. Used in a good way, the opportunities associated with it can be ideally used for their business careers.

Athletes know what it takes to be successful. They were in sports and are able to become successful again as entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders.

Together with our Partners The Players´ Impact, Profluence Capital, and CAS Sportmanagement by the University of St. Gallen we offer athletes access to an ecosystem of like-minded personalities to learn and do business together as a team.


We empower athletes to succeed in the business world and connect them with companies and startups to lead projects to success together.


We work with companies that offer new perspectives and live the spirit of top-class sport in their organizations.


We use technology to enable our athletes to make the best use of knowledge and insights to advance their careers beyond sport.

Champions Chat

Do you want to start your transition, evaluate your business idea, invest in a start-up or develop your personal brand beyond sport? Constant feedback has made you better and better as an athlete. You now have ChampionsChat at your side for your business matters.

Corporate collaborations

Our athletes are used to competing for the top spot in the world and gaining an edge in their disciplines. That’s why we bring them together with new technologies and companies shaping the future. Is your company one of the winners of the future? Send us a note to join our ecosystem.


There are high performers in sport as in other areas. We bring the best together with the best and create inspiring framework conditions. In our mentoring, top athletes learn from business leaders and business leaders learn from top athletes. Interesting for you? Get in touch with us.


With our insights we bring the sports and business worlds together. Our goal is to combine the best of both worlds and learn from each other. Our texts are intended to encourage you to take on different perspectives and to want to be better tomorrow than you are today.

Patparius Note

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Athletes: Future Business Leaders

We mentor athletes from all sports at different stages of their careers. What all athletes we work with have in common is their drive to develop their potential beyond sport. We support athletes in realizing their potential for the business world, providing valuable contacts with executives and companies and making various opportunities accessible to them.

Studies show that professional athletes have mindsets similar to those of successful entrepreneurs. For this reason, we promote entrepreneurial activities by athletes and establish exciting contacts in the startup world. Athletes can get involved in various roles and projects at startups to gain initial experience and grow together with the venture.


Insight & involvement in startups and/or Web3 ventures


Access & networking with executives in corporates


Playmakers Squad

Join our community and connect with other athletes pursuing successful business careers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the process of positioning yourself beyond sport, are filling your first roles in business or are already successfully operating as an entrepreneur, investor or executive in the business game, in our community you can find like-minded people, get access to investment opportunities and joint projects and get a head start with our curated content.

Get background information on markets, industries, and trends in AI and Web3 space – and not to forget, participate at our pitch calls to get access to our exclusive investment opportunities.


News, insights, and analysis on markets and industries


Access to investment opportunities (sports tech, Web3, and AI)

Want to excel in business?

We’re here for you. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will discuss your issue with you and see if we can support you.

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On our blog we bring experiences, insights and stories together. We combine expert knowledge with theory and practice from sports and business. The aim of our contributions is always to promote collaboration and learning transfer in order to make us stronger as a community. We want to learn from each other, bring different perspectives together – and grow together.

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We believe athletes have the potential to make a difference in the business world. Their experiences and insights are part of the solution for companies to create excellence.

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