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Add our AZ’AI Mate chatbots to your team, chat with them about topics that go beyond sports and affect your business careers. Get answers to your thoughts, questions and challenges to position and develop yourself in the business world. Prepare yourself for your business endeavors and develop success step by step, as you are used to from your sports career.


Get Essential Information

You need to prepare for your transition as diligently as you do for any business or investment opportunity going forward. You can transfer your learnings from your life as an elite athlete to the business world, but you also have to build up a lot of new knowledge and develop expertise as a basis for future success.


Get answers on your questions


Find inspiration for your next venture


Get In Business

Get your ideas off the ground, implement them step by step and celebrate further successes in new areas. Use our AZ’AI Mate chatbots as your first sparring partner to master your new challenges. From time to time the business world is more complex in its processes and conditions, so our Mates can be your accessible expertise and provide you with valuable services. In the end, however, you have to do the implementation. We support you in this.


Sparring to adapt, do it again, adapt, ...


Perspectives and expertise that inspire new ideas

To get a glimpse, check out our AZ’AI Idea Mate for this fantastic unique business idea. This is very experimental, but let’s see, what’s up for you.

You are not an elite athlete, but want to benefit from their way to think and act. Have a look at our other freely accessible AZ’AI Mates below.

AZ’AI Mate Chatbots

What We Offer

Personal Branding Mate

Position yourself beyond sports as a future business leader, entrepreneur or angel investor. Work with our Personal Branding Mate and create your branding strategy to show the world that you are more than an athlete.

Transition Mate

A clear understanding of your potential for careers beyond sports is essential to find fulfillment in new roles. Use our Transition Mate to build awareness of your valuable background for a career in business. Let’s do business.

Business Mate

Do you have questions to drive your business activities? Find answers with our Business Mate to develop a better understanding of the complexities of the business world – from transition to entrepreneurship & investing.

Pitch Prep Mate

A pitch is like a game day – in a totally different setting. Prepare like you did as an elite athlete in your sport. Use the Pitch Prep Mate and work on the last decisive details to get your pitch into the arena in the best possible way.

Challenge Mate

In business roles you’ll be faced with new challenges which are different from what you are used to. From preparing presentations to using Excel to understand the dynamics in team meetings, get prepared to perform at your best.

Startup Mate

9 out of 10 startups fail. Our Startup Mate is designed to help you make better investment decisions in startups. Follow the interview process, get valuable insights and do your due diligence as thorough as possible.

Athlete Collab Mate

An elite athlete as part of your venture can make a difference. Use our AZ’AI Athlete Collab Mate to get a first idea of whether a business collaboration with an elite athlete is a valuable option for your company. Let’s collaborate.

Athlete Mindset Mate

How about approaching the upcoming with the mindset of elite athletes? Bring their mindset to the table to reach your goals. A bit of their secret sauce for your daily tasks. The sky’s the limit. Go for it.

Possiblearian Mate

Everything you do has a purpose. If there’s something difficult, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. It’s more like finding out why you’re doing it. When you know, you’re ready to push boundaries. Push it.

* Keep in mind that our AZ’AI Mates are still in an experimental phase. Check them out and let us know how you get on with them and how they can be of assistance to you. If you want to exchange ideas, please send us a short message.

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We believe athletes have the potential to make a difference in the business world. Their experiences and insights are part of the solution for companies to create excellence.

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