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Position yourself beyond sports as a future business leader, entrepreneur or angel investor. Work with our Personal Branding Mate and create your branding strategy to show the world that you are more than an athlete.

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Do you have questions to drive your business activities? Find answers with our Business Mate to develop a better understanding of the complexities of the business world – from transition to entrepreneurship & investing.

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A clear understanding of your potential for careers beyond sports is essential to find fulfillment in new roles. Use our AZ’AI Transition Mate to build awareness of your valuable background for a career in business.

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9 out of 10 startups fail. Our Startup Mate is designed to help you make better investment decisions. Follow the interview process, get valuable insights and do your due diligence as thorough as possible.

AZ’AI Idea Mate

Athletes x Startup

Elite athletes can play an important role for startups to take the next step. However, it is not always easy to make the decision for or against working with one or more athletes. There is a lot to consider in order to be able to assess the potential of an athlete as part of your venture.

Use our AZ’AI Athlete Collab Mate to get a first perspecitve of whether a collaboration is an option for you. If so, we are here for you to create a concrete concept for you that integrates athletes into your venture and goes beyond the typical testimonial roles of athletes.


Clearer picture of the benefits of athletes


Ideas on how to involve athletes in different roles

Reminder: Our AZ’AI Athlete Collab Mate is designed to help you make better decisions about potential collaborations with elite athletes. Follow the interview process until our Mate creates a collaboration report for you. You can also end the process yourself by instructing the Mate: “write report”.

Make sure to keep your input as short as possible. In this experimental state, the input/output of the model is still limited.

Please be aware that this Mate is still in an early stage. Feel free to use it, experiment with it and let us know how you get on with it.

If the output is taking too long, the system is probably being updated. Then, please come back later to check again.

AZ’AI Athlete Collab Mate – Let’s collaborate for the benefit of all parties!

Need some more inspiration? Find our 250+ Best AI Chatbot Prompts for Elite Athletes on our AZ’AI Mate sites accessible to athletes.

Please get back to us if you would like to dig deeper in using AI chatbots in your business life. There are, of course, great alternatives to ChatGPT for your next AI chatbot adventure. Whatever you want to do, there’s a bot for it. So, if you have any questions, please let us know. We do our best to guide you through the jungle.

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Get in touch with us to further elaborate on potential collaborations with elite athletes. We are happy to connect you with athletes who are interested in thinking beyond sports.

If you would like access to our AZ’AI Mate chatbots, please let us know briefly what you would like to use them for. Please also enter your full name so that we can set up access for you. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

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